• 40 boxes ( some including a paddock )
  • an overcovered washing facility and solarium
  • an overcovered roundpen


  • 2 sand courts ( 20 × 40 m, 23 × 55 m )
  • a trail / jumping court ( lawn, 30 × 70 m )
  • pastures and meadows ( 4 ha )



  • nice room for riders to meet each other
  • clubhouse



How it all started…
We are breeding American Paint – and Quarter – Horses because we have pleasure and conviction for it.
Everything started 20 years ago when Franz Vorraber, the head of the household, bought his first two horses and started with equestrian sports. This passion should never let him go since that time.
With the help of his wife Johanna, the Painted Horse Ranch turned up to be what it is today.
The family won a lot of national and international titles, like “European Champion”, “Austrian” and “Styrian Masters”, “Futurity Champion” …and so on with their horses.

Ranch philosophy
It's our desire to make it possible that everybody, adult or child, feels well when being here, that they make progress in riding, and that our customer – horses get the best individual care and education.
We always buy healthy horses with a perfect character, which have top origins, and we breed them to sell them to our customers afterwards.

Who are we


western riding instructor
dressage instructor
cross – country – riding instructor




state – certified western riding – instructor
horse – economy – master
instructor for dressage and jumping
riding teacher for handicapped people


What we offer
  • stud farm
  • Paint – and Quarter – Horse breeding
  • riding lessons (western, classical )
  • education and training of horses
  • preparation for shows and show – company
  • holiday courses for children
  • vacation apartments
  • riding lessons with international instructors
  • first – class foals with top pedigrees
  • natural growing – up of the foals
  • individual looking after horse and rider


... so bunt kann der Reitsport sein...


American Quarter Horse & American Paint Horse

The American Quarter Horses and the American Paint Horses are actually of one single breed. They have the same origin, pedigree and characteristics, but are directed by two different associations, the American Quarter Horse Association in Amerillo , Texas , and the American Paint Horse Association in Fort Word , Texas .

Regarding to conformity, exterieur and interieur, the same criterions exist for Paint and Quarter Horses.

The Height Type or Quarter Type, to which the Paint Horse belongs to, is characterised as medium – sized (1,50 – 1,55 cm height), compact, well distincted, sometimes with very strong musculature, a short triangle head, small agile ears, a medium – sized, well – placed neck, a relatively short back, a long sloping hip and, comparing with thorough – and crossbred, short ankles and small hooves.

The exterieur of the Paint – or Quarter – Horse enables it to sprint perfectly, stop quickly and show tight turns on the hindquarters. The work on the hindquarters is the special power of these horses.

Intelligence, agility and sometimes cow sense belong to their character, also being honest and calm.

Competitiveness, the ability to be bright, and then calm again after some minutes, are trademarks of Paint – and Quarter Horses. Comparing to other races, they are less stubborn and better to ride. They are suitable for hard work, also for competitive sports, they are ideal as racehorses, for free – time – riders, children and riding beginners.

Another advantage is the soft trot and the well – done lope. When riding a “pleasure”, the judge puts a value on the teamwork between rider and horse, which should be a pleasure for each of them. So it's very important that the horses have soft moves in trot and lope. That causes little movement of the back and the rider is able to behave in the saddle in a comfortable way.

Paint Horses are bred after the same principles as Quarter Horses. The blood – lines, which lead within the Quarter Horse breeding, are also the most wanted ones in Paint Horse breeding.

And, as in Quarter breeding, some blood – lines are the favourites in Paint breeding for special breeding. In breeding of racing paints, thoroughbred are also often used.

Quarter and Paint Horses are bred in all colours.

If the Paint Horse is bred like the Quarter Horse concerning exterieur, character and blood – line, dappled horses can also occur within them. Dappled horses can be subdivided into Tobiano, Overo and Tovero ( a mixture of the first two colours).

The markings of the Overo seldom reach over the back, they go upwards from the stomach, being irregular and zacked. Distinctive marks are also a lantern on the head, dark limbs and the blue eyes (fish eye – lens).

The Tobiano has the white colour on the back, feet are also white. Head, upper neck and hindquarters, tail and chest are mostly coloured. The spots are regular and big.